Emissions Decisions Partners with Arbor to Power Environmental Rankings of Consumer Products

Emissions Decisions
Apr 11, 2024By Emissions Decisions

Under the partnership, Arbor software will be used by Emissions Decisions to quickly calculate lifecycle emissions across a variety of products, allowing consumers to make optimal decisions 

April 10, 2024

CALGARY, Alberta -- Emissions Decisions, a platform to help consumers make more environmental decisions by creating transparency aro

und available data, has partnered with Arbor to accelerate relevant emissions calculations.  

Emissions Decisions addresses the complexities consumers face where they increasingly care about the environment but can’t find the data that shows them the best way to reduce emissions. The 2022 Business of Sustainability Index report highlighted that 66% of consumers in the United States and 80% of young adults (ages 18-34) were willing to pay more for sustainable products. Better data is required, though, to bridge the gap between willingness and action. 

Over 50% of consumers believe brands across industries mislead them with green claims. These concerns are not without merit, as a recent United Nations report found that 60% of the sustainability claims in the industry reviewed were unsubstantiated or misleading. Data from Arbor will help provide accuracy and trust so that consumers can make better decisions and accelerate emissions reductions. 

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"Mark's previous success in scaling data-centric technology ventures aligns perfectly with Arbor's mission and achievements in emission calculation accuracy," commented Alex Todorovic, CEO and co-founder of Arbor. "Our partnership broadens the reach of our precise emissions calculations, moving from corporate boardrooms right into the hands of consumers through the Emissions Decisions platform.”

“The Arbor team does some of the best work in calculating emissions. We are excited to help get that data out of corporate reports and into a place where it can actively impact consumer actions. All major change globally, at scale, has ultimately been driven by the individual, and we see no reason why the battle to reduce emissions will be any different. People just haven’t had the right tools to participate, and we are looking to change that,” said Mark Le Dain, CEO & Founder of Emissions Decisions. 

Arbor simplifies carbon management for businesses worldwide. The Arbor Platform provides an accessible way to calculate, report, and manage carbon emissions across all scopes, leveraging automated solutions for accuracy and efficiency. Serving a wide range of industries, Arbor is committed to making carbon management practical, aiding companies in regulatory compliance, operational sustainability, and competitive differentiation.

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