Emissions Decisions is creating a transparent summary of environmental goods and services

People want to help the environment, but it is often difficult to find the best way. Benefits to the environment and also the individual are large, with over $10,000 available to households in benefits and savings from environmental initiatives. Help the environment today by staying informed.

Help the environment... with free seeds

Our focus right now is getting feedback on the sources of friction for consumers purchasing environmental products, including everything from solar panels, to water-efficient shower heads, to plastic-free containers 

The faster we get feedback on our ideas at scale, the better equipped we will be to remove friction and accelerate emissions reductions

If you refer five readers to our newsletter, increasing our reach, we will send you the seeds of the most efficient plant for eliminating carbon dioxide (if you don’t like them, throw them in the dirt...)


Environmental Seeds

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Take a look at the future climate risks of your given location, brought to you in partnership with Weather Trade Net

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Our Thesis

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Great Ideas Exist

Smart people, and great ideas, already exist to solve big problems like emissions. The problem is distribution.

People Want Clean Air and Water

People Want Clean Air and Water

Everyone wants cleaner air and water. A lot of the arguments about the environment and emissions are largely the result of conversations hijacked for power or politics. 

Education Is Key

Education Is Key

Every major change of importance globally first had to make it easy for people to understand/participate at scale. 

Optimism Is Key

Optimism Is Key

Pessimists are more likely to be right. Optimists are more likely to improve the world.

Individuals Drive All Change

Individuals Drive All Change

For centuries, more and more decisions have been pushed towards the household level. At one point Kings decided everything and every day we move further from that. This trend will not reverse and will also grow as it relates to the environment. Housholds are increasingly empowered by technology to be the difference makers for global emission trends. 

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